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BUDDY TRIP PHOTOGRAPHY with St Andrews Golf Travel & Recounter

A DAY TO REMEMBER. Through our partnership with Recounter Photography, St Andrews Golf Travel is now able to offer all our clients the oppportunity to capture their visit to the Home of Golf through the lense of a professional photographer. We will create the visual story of your round with a customised, hand made coffee table book featuring your groups most memorable moments with professional, sports journalism style photography. We’ll capture all the action, reaction and emotion and create those memories for you and your group


Recounter Testimonials

'Recounter are so easy to work with, incredibly talented, and the photos they took were BRILLIANT. Would work with Recounter again in a heartbeat'


Oliver Horovitz, American Caddie in St Andrews


'Well Recounter are great at what they do. To have a career round like that on The Old Course and then to also have it captured with these phenomenal images - their style is very subtle and very much what we call 'fly on the wall' photography where you don't even know they are there, and you're going through these moments and you're reacting and you look over and you're like 'oh wow, that was just caught on camera!'. To be able to relive that day forever because they were there capturing those images, and putting them into a book, it makes that day even better - and that's hard to do'.


Matt Ginella, The Morning Drive, Golf Channel




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